Discover in High-Normandy

Within an hour at most, you’ll enjoy a variety of activities that will meet all your needs: countryside, river, sea or forest, monuments, sites, parks and gardens … You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Here is an overview of the program, which is by no means comprehensive … your curisité and your desires will do the rest:

The Clères Park

Nestled in the heart of the bucolic valley CLERETTE the Clères Park extends over 13 hectares around a magnificent Renaissance castle.

Developed by the renowned ornithologist Jean Delacour during the twentieth century, this park is home to many species occurring in semi-freedom. Nearly 1,500 birds, such as swans, geese, flamingos, peacocks, pheasants, storks, and also more than 200 mammals such as antelope, wallabies and gibbons live in harmony as well. A place of leisure and culture for all ages.

Open from March to October



Capital of the Pays de Caux, you will discover the church of St Peter, the original architecture. Circular, it has the largest stained glass in Europe.

Manoir du Catel

Located near Yvetot the heart of Seine Maritime, the oldest mansion Normandy region awaits you. Nestled in the heart of lush greenery and surrounded by its closed-hut, protected by his flowery valley houses a unique collection of grasses, the building radiates elegance and power, authority and purity.

Le Manoir du Catel, Ecretteville the Baons.

Parks and Gardens

Normandy is famous for its gardens. During your stay, we invite you to discover them. You can easily reach the castle Imbleville and enjoy a ride in the magnificent water gardens of the castle. You will also have the opportunity to visit the gardens of Beaumont Bellevue herring during a walk through the amazing pink Christmas Turkey, Chinese peonies, poppies blue Himalayan, hydrangeas China, Japan or America, botanical u travel on five continents.

Go also to Castle Park in Auffay Bosmelet: opening of the campaign, he hides a garden where flowers and vegetables declined the colors of the rainbow … stay to learn and become familiar with the botanical heritage.

Markets campaign Seinomarine

Monday : Buchy, Cany Barville

Tuesday : Bellemcombre, Foucarmont, Goderville, Gournay en Bray, Yerville

Wednesday : Hard Bosc, Totes, Yvetot

Thursday : Forges les Eaux, Londinières, Pavilly, Saint Saëns

Friday : Auffay, Clères, Fauville en Caux, La Feuillie

Saturday Aumale, Bareilly, Doudeville Envermeu, Montville, Neufchatel en Bray, Ry, Val de Saâne, Yvetot

Sunday : Blangy on Bresle Breaute Forges les Eaux, Longueville on Saw, Saint Nicolas D’Aliermont

Cottages road, Abbey Road, the route of fruit

Many routes that allow you to discover the rich heritage Seino Marino.

Musée de Victor Hugo - Normandie

The Victor Hugo Museum

Located Villequier, the museum was installed in 1951 in the former residence of a secondary owner Havre, Isidore Vacquerie.

A son, Augustus, during his studies in Paris, he met Victor Hugo that he was an admirer. Ties are knotted between the two families during stays Mrs. Hugo Villequier with her children. Léopoldine the marriage, the eldest daughter of the writer with Charles Vacquerie followed a few months after their tragic drowning in the Seine, sealed the fate of the two families. Also, heirs Vacquerie they actively helped by donations successive development of a museum. Today, it restores the quality of life of Hugo Vacquerie (furniture, decoration, objects) and the careers of Victor Hugo and Auguste Vacquerie that became one of his executors, but also a journalist, playwright photographer alongside the two son of Victor Hugo (editions, photographic prints, drawings, letters …)